UFC 85

UFC 85 Concentrate Manufacturing Process

UFC 85 Concentrate Manufacturing Process

In the initial stage of this continuous process transforms 94/95 percent of the methanol into a formaldehyde gas. This gas, which is saturated with formaldehyde, is then cooled in a heat exchanger. It is then directed into an absorber column where it is quenched by a urea solution, yielding UFC 85, containing 60 percent formaldehyde and 25 percent urea.

Advantages of UFC vs Formalin

  • It is the highest commercially available concentration (60%) of formaldehyde
  • Most user friendly available form of formaldehyde
  • Non combustible material
  • Greater degree of stability
  • Long term storage (2 years)
  • No heating required for storage
  • Reduced processing required for UF resins

UFC 85 Uses

  • Anti-caking agent for urea prills
  • Manufacture of liquid & dry nitrogen fertilizers
  • Manufacture of UF resins
  • Permanent press resins for textiles
  • Manufacture of molding compounds

Available sizes

220 litre drums or ISO containers.

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