Melamine Formaldehyde (MF)

Melamine (1, 3, 5-triamino-2, 4, 6-triazine) formaldehyde (MF) Specifications Storage Packing Specifications Melamine (1, 3, 5-triamino-2, 4, 6-triazine) formaldehyde (MF) is one of the hardest and stiffest thermosetting polymers, which provides good properties and performancesuch as transparency, better hardness, thermal stability, excellent boil resistance, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, flame retardant, moisture resistance and surface smoothness, […]

Urea-Formaldehyde resins powder

Urea-Formaldehyde Resins Powder Specifications Storage Packing Specifications Urea-Formaldehyde resins powder are poly-condensation products of the reaction of formaldehyde with urea. UF resins powder are the most commonly used adhesives in the wood-based panel industry due to their low cost, high reactivity and good performance. The relatively easy production of the UF resins, their good solubility […]

UFC 85

UFC 85 Concentrate Manufacturing Process UFC 85 Concentrate Manufacturing Process In the initial stage of this continuous process transforms 94/95 percent of the methanol into a formaldehyde gas. This gas, which is saturated with formaldehyde, is then cooled in a heat exchanger. It is then directed into an absorber column where it is quenched by […]

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