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Our Mission

Driven by our passion for quality and innovatively we contribute to a reliable, profitable and sustainable future for our customers, their business and their community.

Our vision

SAMED team believe that constantly quality and understanding the requirements of customers are two wings for achieving business aims, and it could make a difference.

SAMED GmbH is a world leader in Formalin, Adhesives and resins, committed to help our customers to achieve the best products. We enable different companies to get the most of their raw materials with the highest quality. And we are the forefront of developing collaboration with our customers.
SAMED GmbH is located in the heart of Europe, Frankfurt am Main. To access the last technology and Formulas of formalin, resins and adhesives. It helps our customers to receive the best services and products
SAMED is one of the leading suppliers of industrial adhesives. These are mainly used in woodworking, in wood products industry, in the textile, shoes industries, in the packaging and paper industry as well as in the automotive industry.
We invite you to connect with SAMED GmbH, to know more about our products that we offer and the sense of responsibility that is present throughout the entire process.
Day by day, we are trying to develop our business activities to satisfy our consumers and customers all around the world. We are trying to provide a diverse range of business activities including supplying be products, services and knowledge.
Beside our two other offices in UK and middle east, we choose Frankfurt am Main to establish our European office, because it is a vital international financial center and a European traffic hub. It is an important industrial, service and exhibition location and listed among the world cities under economic criteria. Because of its central location, Frankfurt am Main is one of the most important traffic points in Europe.


Samed Chemical industries has been founded and operated in 1979 with over 40 years’ experience in the field of different types of Formalin, water base and solvent adhesive in the area more than 20 hectare. About the 200,000 square meter are producing and administrative buildings.
SAMED employ many professional workers and experts. Samed believes that growth depend upon team work and collaborating all of the people. Recruitment committee members study about the volunteer who want work and participate in Samed. Their educations, experts, experience, morality and behavior will be check and study in details.
The factory produces Formalin, UFC, and about many different types of industrial adhesives in large quantities which are used in local and foreign markets, and different special types of adhesives by the order of local and foreign customers. The research center of company supports the company by research and development activities.
The commercial department of the company with its experienced marketing staff, is well
informed of local and international markets with productions engineering staff to help the consumers to fulfill their needs.

Meet Our Team

Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the
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