How to stay on top

Knowledge and knowledge sharing have been a part of Topsoe’s core identity since day one. We’ve been researching hydrotreating down to the atomic level since the early seventies, and in the mid-nineties.

Our experts come from various backgrounds to provide customers with training on variety of topics.
Unique knowledge exchange opportunity

Over the years, we’ve developed a range of courses and events for our customers to share valuable insights and expand our knowledge together. They provide a great knowledge exchange platform, often for very specialized and small communities of experts.

For example, a recent pilot plant workshop in Rio de Janeiro gathered a group of R&D specialists to discuss the best practices and challenges that they encounter on a daily basis. “The pilot plant community is a small one and there’s basically no other forum for these experts to meet and share their experiences,” says Sylvain Verdier, Senior Business Strategy Manager.
From hydrocracking to hydrotreating

Customers’ needs and pains are the main factor when it comes to designing our courses and events. The team organizing the events is composed of experts with various backgrounds, which enables us to offer a wide variety of topics at all levels of complexity.

For example, the upcoming hydroprocessing course, which we’ve been organizing yearly for the past 14 years, offers fundamental knowledge within hydroprocessing to refinery engineers in the beginning of their career. The course is revised regularly to touch upon relevant up-to-date topics, for example dewaxing and renewables.